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Stop the squeaking. Stop the binding. Slide products makes a variety of unique MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) products to help your plant and product move smoothly. Read More...

We offer thread tapping fluid, metal cutting fluid, rust preventives and rust inhibitors, plastic cleaning formulations, grease for ejector pins, silicone oil removers, copper and aluminum anti-seizing compounds and more. Our high-performance specialty products are designed for maintenance and upkeep to extend the lifecycle of your molds and molding equipment.


Some of our best-selling products include:

  • No-Rust Rust Preventive Spray – A powerful, industrial rust preventive that displaces moisture while sealing molds from condensation.
  • Tap-It Tapping Fluid – Made with natural oils, this tapping fluid works well for reaming, dressing abrasive wheels, and more on stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.
  • Penetrant Plus – A non-silicone product that penetrates deep to free rusted or frozen parts. Penetrant Plus works quickly to displace moisture and create a protective film on your mold.
  • Cutting Oil Fluid – A potent product formulated with high pressure additives for drilling, cutting, sawing, and tapping.

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Penetrant Plus (No. 41812M)

Non-silicone, PTFE-based formulation

Penetrating formulation works to free rusted or frozen metal components

Displaces moisture and leaves a protective film

Tap-It Tapping Fluid (No. 404)

Produces cleaner threads

For reaming, dressing abrasive wheels, etc.

Made with natural oils

No-Rust Rust Preventive Spray (No. 40212M)

5 year protection

Displaces moisture while sealing mold from outside condensation

Non-silicone, non-wax formulation

Cutting Oil Fluid (No. 413)

Formulated with high pressure additives

Compounded oil clings to metal and follows tool down the metal surface

For drilling, cutting, sawing, tapping

Silicone Emulsion (No. 51932)

Water-based silicone oil solution

35% concentrate can be diluted with additional water

Copper Anti-Seize Compound (No. 479)

Protects against rust and corrosion

Resists thread damage, seizing and galling to 1800ºF/982ºC

Aluminum Anti-Seize Compound (No. 480)

Helps prevent non-similar metals from fusing together

Protects against rust and corrosion

Prevents galling and seizing