February 3rd, 2021

In times of uncertainty, a reliable supply chain has provided Slide distributors and customers peace of mind and uninterrupted services for around-the-clock plastic molding needs.

Throughout pandemics, recessions, and supply shortages, Slide Products has been able to rely on strong partnerships, strategic supply chain practices and decades of industry experience to help maintain continuity of services.

Over the past year, shortages in steel, aluminum and tin cans have affected the supply chains of industries from plastic molding to food and beverage. For many manufacturers, this has meant longer lead times and delays in production, but we have been able to avoid any shortages or interruptions in service, in large part as the result of our trusted and resilient industry partnerships

Local Distribution Partners Streamline Product Supply

At Slide, we make it a priority to source our materials from local and U.S.-based companies. While only two tinplate manufacturers exist on U.S. soil, Slide chooses domestic partnerships over international ones – a key differentiator amid a global pandemic that has disproportionately affected imported and overseas shipments. Through two-year minimum contracts, price protections, and lasting industry relationships, we have been able to build a supply chain that has insulated us from the short-term difficulties that have left other businesses scrambling.

“We value our partnerships and know that our vendors will take care of us in times of limited supply,” said Michael Muth, Slide’s President. “With long-term contracts, we can communicate supply needs well in advance of deliveries, providing our suppliers with ample time to prepare and plan production accordingly.”

With a 30-day guarantee of payment and fast response from our teams, we treat our vendors the way we want to be treated – and, in return, Slide receives the attention and respect built over decades of long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. Throughout shortages and other challenges, our suppliers remain committed to maintaining product supply for their most loyal clients.

Recently, a customer came to Slide looking for a specific product that a previous supplier was no longer able to provide due to can shortages. According to the customer, the supplier was experiencing delays of up to 5-7 weeks on orders as small as one case. By switching to Slide Products, the customer was able to maintain manufacturing schedules without disruption.

In light of the recent can shortages, Slide contacted our tinplate can supplier to inquire about shortages and was assured of a secure supply.

Long-Term Solutions to Your Plastic Molding Needs

Since 1953, Slide’s team of industry veterans has worked hard to provide holistic solutions to injection molders, extruders, and blow molders.

With a diverse inventory of mold releases and mold cleaners, rust preventives, ejector pin grease, and other plastics processing products, Slide can assist in eliminating part defects, minimizing downtime, and more. Across the U.S., mold maintenance technicians and mold makers have come to rely on Slide’s consistent business practices, high-quality products and well-planned supply chain in the face of global pandemics, industry shortages, and more.

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