January 25th, 2022

One of the simplest ways to increase production and extend the life of your molds is by using the proper mold release formula. Mold releases work as a lubricant coating to prevent sticking parts and excess resin build-up within molds. By creating a barrier between the mold and the resin, mold releases prevent the two from clinging together and potentially damaging the machine. However, with so many options, it can be hard to determine the best mold release option for your application.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to mold releases, and that is why we have over 25 unique formulas here at Slide. Each one is designed for specific materials and applications to increase production capability and results. Below we highlighted some common mold release uses and our recommended product(s) to tackle those sticky parts.

For Food-Related Parts
Many of Slide’s mold releases are NSF-certified or food-grade meaning that they are recommend and permitted for use in molding facilities making plastic parts related to food applications. This specification is vital to keep food packaging safe and free of unwanted contamination.

Pure Eze Mold Release Agent (No. 45712N): Designed for food and medical molding applications, this release is solvent-free and does not contain lecithin.
Silicone Mold Release Agent (No. 40112): Recommended for food-packaging molding by allowing for faster molding and more production.
E/S Silicone Mold Release Agent (No. 44312): This water-based formula contains no chlorinated solvents and is food-approved.

For High Temperatures
Don’t let high temperatures prevent you from utilizing release agents. Instead, choose an option that can take the heat.

Hi-Temp 1800 Mold Release Agent (No. 44110A): Effective up to 1800°F/982°C, it provides effective release for engineering grade resins and low melting point metals and glass.

For Quick Releases
When looking to significantly reduce downtown, Slide’s Quick line of mold releases is the way to go. These formulas are fast drying on both hot and cold molds so you can start back up immediately and produce more parts.

Quick Silicone Mold Release Agent (No. 44612): This silicone mold release is a food-grade option for hot molding conditions.
Quick Paintable Mold Release Agent (No. 44712): A paintable option that leaves a smooth, dry film for fast turnarounds.
Quick Lecithin Mold Release Agent (No. 44812): Lecithin is non-silicone, food-approved and paintable without interfering with part bonding.

For Heavy-Duty
If molding processes require extra release needs, we have formulas for you. Heavy-duty mold releases work where others have failed in order to remove “sticky parts” for good.

Heavy-Duty 10% Mold Release Agent (No. 54912): Slide’s strongest mold release with the highest percentage of active ingredients. This release is non-silicone, food-grade, and paintable.
SSL Mold Release Agent (No. 42112N): Safe for food-related molding applications, this is a low-cost, heavy-duty silicone-based mold release.
Polycarbonate Mold Release Agent (No. 41412): A strong blend specifically developed as a mold release for polycarbonate resins.

For Thermoset Resins
Slide provides unique formulas for tackling pesky thermoset resins. These mold releases are ideal for injection, compression and transfer molding so that you can efficiently clean out molding machines.

Thermoset Mold Release Agent (No. 45414): Designed for the high temperatures and pressure of thermoset molding.
DFL Dry Film Lube Mold Release Agent (No. 41112N): Excellent for most rubber and thermoplastics including ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and vinyl.
DuraKote Mold Release Agent for Thermosets (No. 41712): A semi-permanent mold release for urethane & epoxy molding.
Urethane Mold Release Agent (No. 45812H): This non-paintable mold release is effective for all polyurethanes: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible urethane foams.

For A Light Release
When strong active ingredients aren’t necessary, clean sticky molds with a more delicate solution. Light-duty mold releases are a great way to offer a defense without hurting the machine.

EconoMIST Mold Release Spray (No. 41612N): This light formula provides protection while staying safe for food applications.
Knock Out Mold Release Agent (No. 46612N): A light, dry coating that is amazingly effective at preventing parts from sticking in molds.  This release is good grade, non-silicone, and paintable.
Paintable Mold Release Agent (No. 40012N): Safe for use with all plastics, it is the perfect base coat for parts that must be painted, hot stamped or metalized.

Here at Slide, our goal is to make your molding procedure as efficient as possible. We make solutions for a wide range of molding and mold making operations that lead to improved performance, time and time again. Our Top Tier Service is what makes us stand out to our customers. Anything from a couple of questions to comprehensive plastics processing training, we are here to share our products and expertise to benefit you. Visit our website to learn more about our wide range of mold releases or reach out for assistance with your individual operation.


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