November 2nd, 2021

Imagine being in an emergency situation and not knowing who to call for help. Scary, right? For instance, you don’t want to wait for an OSHA inspection to occur before you start preparing for it ahead of time. Poor safety procedures can lead to big trouble and high unexpected costs. The key to preventing this problem before it happens is through regular maintenance and best practices. OSHA compliance is something that is expected from everyone, every day. Fortunately, contacting Slide Products requires only that you need one call to get solutions beyond the ordinary.

A Few Words on OSHA Inspections
An OSHA visit at your plant may be triggered by a dangerous threat that can put those present in serious physical or mental harm and even risk of death. Such a review may have originated from an employee referral, complaint or imminent hazard. Health/safety concerns could include exposed wiring, machinery breakdown, toxic substances, poisonous fumes, excessive dust, debris and gases. 

There are three basic steps to an OSHA review that begin when an inspector arrives at your door and presents identification. The check starts with an initial conference, followed by a walk around the facility and finally the findings are presented at a closing conference. The OSHA compliance officer will explain results and possible corrective procedures (if needed) along with a reasonable timeline for required remedial action.

Prevention policies are crucial to reducing worries over any OSHA inspection. You can minimize downtime, lost revenue, work related injuries and illnesses by consistently implementing good programs and procedures for proper maintenance, accident avoidance and compliance. When you follow this protocol with regular quality control check-ups and upkeep, you will benefit from more peace of mind! If any safety issues or concerns do arise, it’s likely those would be minimal and not interfere with everyday operations. This is where Slide Products works with you to be your greatest one-stop resource.

Since its inception in 1953 Slide Products has offered its total support to the plastics industry. We carry the finest in general and specific-use mold releases, mold cleaners, rust preventives, purging compounds, high-temperature grease and specialty lines.

But our products are not all that sets Slide apart from the competition. Nobody else has over 200 distribution points located across the USA and in several other countries. This not only allows our experienced distribution partners a broad network of local stocking, it translates into ensuring all aspects of your plant are operating at best possible manufacturing level by providing you with tried and tested products, but also in going the extra mile to make certain our experts will be readily accessible to you.

Slide is always here to help. Our Top Tier Service is about going beyond proven product offerings. Get expert advice on how to maximize your molding performance, take advantage of our Best Practices with an on-site lunch and learn at no charge, while alleviating trepidation about OSHA compliance.


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