May 24th, 2023

Due to the desire to continuously improve processes and expand into new markets, the plastics manufacturing industry has seen a significant amount of merger and acquisition activity recently, as well as some closures. These changes have shifted industry dynamics while opening doors to new opportunities. Since 2020 there have been many notable transactions which include:

DuPont Acquiring Spectrum Plastics Group
Spectrum, a leading provider of medical plastic products, gave DuPont a strong position in this 50.3-million-dollar market. Capturing share in this growing space in 2021 has allowed them to continue to improve their technology and keep up with the competition.  

The Closure of HS Inc. Automation
Just a couple of weeks ago HS Inc., a large automotive mold builder based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, announced that it was winding down its mold building division. This shift will provide a greater focus on their manufacturing automation business and create openings for other companies to fill their place.

Cavaform Tool Purchased by Sybridge Technologies
Florida-based Cavaform has been the most recent addition to Sybridge Technologies’ large collection of automotive and consumer mold builders. Cavaform’s specialization in high-cavitation medical and consumer product molds has been a nice complement to Sybridge’s existing portfolio which includes companies such as Galway Tool & Mould and Calframax Technologies.

The Acquisition of Injection Molders of Ohio by Techniplas
This 2022 deal was focused on another emergent area of the plastic manufacturing industry: automotive. Injection Molders of Ohio is a leading provider of synthetic car parts and gave Techniplas an impressive gain when responding to the current increased demand.  

Cameron Tool Corporation Purchased by Tool Tech, LLC
The combination of Cameron Tool Corporation’s focus on automotive die marking and Tool Tech’s expertise in die building and metal stamping has created a pronounced concentration in those vital areas. By learning from each other, these two powerhouse companies have been able to expand fast and into fresh markets.  

ArtiFlex Manufacturing Acquired Hercules Machine Tool & Die
ArtiFlex Manufacturing, based in Wooster, Ohio, is a prominent stamper and die manufacturer. In order to sharpen their competitive edge, they recently took over Hercules Machine Tool & Die. The move gave ArtiFlex permanent access to the company’s skilled expertise on prototyping and low-volume automotive sheet metal production.

Ernie Green Industries (EGI) Sold to Engineered Plastics Components, Inc. (EPC)
After selling its medical and life sciences division in June 2022, EGI was prepped and purchased by EPC, a West Des Moines, Iowa based plastic injection molder. EGI’s collection of manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Florida and Ontario, Canada has allowed them to expand their production and customer reach.

As these are only a select few recent M&A and closures within the injection molding industry, it is clear that this activity is booming. Investment bankers and manufacturers alike are continuing to take advantage of opportunities presented by this movement. As dynamics continue to change, it provides space for improved movement and innovation for Plastic Injection Molding businesses, and the chance to expand past current limits. Here at Slide, we continue to watch the market and ensure our products provide increased efficiency no matter the situation.


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