March 30th, 2021

This new Hi-Temp Purge Compound works at temperatures up to 750°F, efficiently removing unwanted high-temperature resins from the screw and barrel.

Many engineering-grade resins work at temperatures of 700°F and higher. However, traditional purging compounds will simply burn if used at the temperatures required to purge these resins. Designed specifically for use with high temperature resins, Slide’s Hi-Temp Purge Compound significantly reduces purging times for color changes, resin changes and removal of carbon contamination build-up inside the screw and barrel assembly.

A Faster, More Efficient Purging Compound

Resin deposits, black specks, streaking, color hang-ups, burned materials, and more can now be safely removed from high-temperature molding applications with Slide Products’ Hi-Temp Purge Compound. This uniquely formulated purge solves the major problems of removing stubborn residues and unwanted resin, helping molders to clean their screw and barrel units faster and more efficiently.

Ideal for engineering-grade resins such as PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP, PEI (Ultem™), and more, this GRAS-rated product is safe for food packaging, among other applications. The purging compound is non-toxic and odorless.

Slide’s Hi-Temp Purge Compound is a high-quality alternative to other, less effective products on the market. The purging compound is stable at operating temperatures of 485°F to 750°F, and can safely and effectively clean screws, barrels, heads, dies, and more with virtually no odor or smoke. This PET carrier purging compound is designed as a continual purge with no soak time required.

Best Practices for Hi-Temp Purge Compound

For best results, injection molders should:

  • Increase the barrel temperature by 50°F to 85°F (unless your resin materials operate at 626°F or higher) for a better cleaning result
  • Do not completely empty the barrel for longer than two minutes; immediately load the production resin following the use of the Hi-Temp Purge
  • Purge with neutral resin to eliminate all traces of the purging compound

For more instructions, tips and tricks, read our technical guide or contact one of Slide’s factory experts.

Larger-Sized Options Available

Sold in 50-pound boxes and 1,000-pound gaylords, this chemically reactive, non-abrasive purge is delivered in a pre-mixed and ready-to-use pellet form. For safety, purging should always be performed with purge guards closed and proper protective gear including face shield, gloves, and long-sleeve clothing.

See for Yourself: Request a Purge Test

For use at temperatures greater than 750°F – or if a soak procedure is necessary – contact your Slide factory expert for more information.

Want to see it in action? Hi-Temp Purge Compound is available for testing, and our factory expert purge engineers are available to help molders develop the most efficient procedures to achieve the shortest downtime. Contact us to learn more.


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