November 23rd, 2020

From resin build up in molds to plugged internal vents, Slide’s Resin Remover effectively strips away residue and contaminants, leaving your molds and machinery clean and efficient.

Known to many in the plastics industry as “The Stripper,” Slide’s Resin Remover (41914) actively removes resin buildup, gas and color stain deposits left behind by polyacetal, PVC, urethane, and flame-retardant additives. As one of Slide’s most unique – and popular – products, Resin Remover works by building a solvent weld with the surface residue, which is torn away when the part is ejected.

National corporations – from DuPont™ and Celanese® to GE – recommend Resin Remover for effectively eliminating “plate out” from fire-retardant and acetal resins. The product is also effective with nylon-based plastics and many other materials.

On-Line Use for Instant Results

Resin Remover is a unique, time-saving solution that works while the mold is on-line. For optimal results, you should:

  1. Ensure that your mold is warm (above 170ºF is best), not cold, then spray a liberal amount of Resin Remover to the “plate out” area, making sure to cover the entire surface
  2. Lightly apply a mold release to the entire mold.  The release will help to prevent parts from sticking to the mold except where there is residue; remember to spray the core side of the mold where there are no ejector pins
  3. Close the mold after applying both Resin Remover and the mold release
  4. Keep the mold warm and let it sit for 90 – 120 seconds
  5. Start molding and discard parts until the residue is no longer there – typically accomplished in four or five shots; if the buildup is particularly heavy, repeat the process

To keep your mold in top condition, do not leave Resin Remover on a cold mold overnight. The hydroscopic, slow-evaporating material will absorb moisture from the air and rust the surface of your mold. To remove Resin Remover from a cold mold utilize a Slide Mold Cleaner, alcohol, or acetone to clean the mold before promptly applying a rust preventive such as Slide’s Mold Shield or No Rust.

For clearing plugged internal vents, users should:

  1. Spray a heavy layer of Resin Remover in the internal vent areas
  2. Close the mold before injecting a short shot of resin in the mold, which will vaporize the Resin Remover, leaving you with a clean, residue-free vent

Resin Remover is available as an aerosol and also in bulk liquid sizes (1, 5 and 55 gallons).

Quality Products for Seamless Molding

With consistent use of “The Stripper,” molds will maintain quality production with minimal rejects. Slide’s products are designed to increase productivity while protecting your molds. The powerful solvents work quickly and effectively, stripping vents and molds free of unwanted resins, grease, silicones, and other materials. See for yourself with a free sample.

With over 65 years in the plastic molding industry, Slide’s team of chemists and purging experts work closely with clients to identify and mitigate molding challenges.



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