January 16th, 2021

Slide’s NEXGEN mold cleaner removes stains that nothing else will. That can be the difference between a mold that’s working and a mold that’s headed for expensive repairs – or worse.

A stain on a mold is more than an irritation. It’s an invitation to rust and corrosion that can mean the end of your mold. So when a Slide distributor learned of a specialty plastic and rubber parts molder that had given up on a particularly stubborn stain, he reached out to the experts at Slide.

The mold tech thought he had tried everything: soaking, repeated scrubbing with a competitor’s “heavy duty” mold cleaner, even a wire brush. A wire brush ­– which poses a risk of further damage – is something of a desperation move, but the molder had nothing to lose: the mold had already been pulled from service and everybody else at the plant had given up on it.

That’s not an easy decision to make. Untreated stains can trap resin and become a magnet for build-up of additional contamination. They’re also an invitation to further corrosion and rust. Get behind on stain removal and you’re facing a serious problem to your most critical – and expensive – piece of equipment.

But keeping up with the stains and discoloration that can occur on plastic molding equipment can be a challenge even for molders with diligent maintenance processes, especially in times of high production. Unfortunately, stains have a tendency to exploit the smallest gaps in your cleaning and rust prevention practices.

From stains created by pigments or build-up of resin to rust stains created by acid vapors, plastic molders are constantly combating stains and trying to stay ahead of the problem, which only gets worse over time.

If You’re Losing the Fight Against Stains, You’re Probably Using the Wrong Mold Cleaner

That’s why molders work so hard to remove staining. Even on non-critical tooling and plates, oxidation stains will erode the metal surface and reduce part life.

The specialty molder in this case, which makes intricate parts for the manufacture of firearms, was lucky.  Their mold tech relayed the problem to our representative and the Slide factory experts provided the answer.

“I tried your NexGen … using just a Scotch-Brite coarse pad. I understand why you stand by this stuff.”
– Molder, upon removing a mold stain that had resisted all of his previous efforts.

It wasn’t for lack of scrubbing that the stain had persisted. The company was using the wrong mold cleaner. A free sample of Slide’s NEXGEN Mold Cleaner and a Scotch-Brite pad made that clear, and the stain was removed with little effort. The molder was so impressed, he wrote to Slide’s representative to share the results.
“We’ve had a stain on one mold that was there when I first started and I was told it would never come off,” he wrote.

“I tried your NEXGEN on it this morning and using just a Scotch-Brite coarse pad, it took the stain that we assumed would never be touched right off the mold with minimal effort. I understand why you stand by this stuff.”

Customized Cleaning and Rust Prevention Solutions for the Life of Your Molds

At Slide, we do more than stand by our products – we are constantly working to improve them and to provide the solutions our clients need.  When it comes to mold maintenance products, you’ve got a lot of options. But what you really need are results.

Our products are designed to get the job done, in a variety of specialized formulations. NEXGEN is a citrus-based, water soluble, food-grade mold cleaner that removes stains, residues, build-up, oxidation and other discoloration ­– without the elbow grease and without the risk of environmental harm. In combination with the right rust prevention products and processes, NEXGEN is an investment in the life of your molds.

Give us a call or click on the link below to learn what we can do to solve your stubborn mold cleaning challenges.


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