March 31st, 2021

Mirror-finished molds are more susceptible to scratches than other types of molds and require immediate cleaning and protection to prevent rust.

Maintaining a mirror finish on injection molds can take extra care and precaution. These high-shine molds are delicate and prone to damage and scratches if used with a harsh or mechanical cleaning agent, as well as rust, if left uncleaned.

While laborious to maintain, these molds yield flawless designs where cosmetic appearance is key, including automotive lens parts, glassware and light housings. To maintain these molds, injection molders need to be careful to:

  • Avoid using shop rags or cleaning wipes that may leave scratches or particulates on the surface
  • Avoid touching the mold as fingerprints quickly become initiation points for rust or oxidation
  • Prevent moisture and condensation from accumulating

For best results, molders should regularly clean the mold and use a high-quality rust preventive.

Mold Cleaner 4 for Fast, Efficient Mold Cleaning

A cleaning process that has limited or no physical contact with the mirror finish is critical to avoiding scratches or particulates from contaminating the mold’s surface. The best way to quickly clean a mold is with a touch-free, fast-evaporating solution, such as Slide’s Mold Cleaner 4.

Slide’s most popular mold cleaner, Mold Cleaner 4 has a strong, forceful spray that floods the mold surface with a powerful cleaning solvent. Contaminants are quickly removed from the mold surface without the need to touch the mold cavity. It evaporates fast and leaves no residue, so there is no need to wipe the surface of the mold.  Working quickly to remove silicones, grease, oil, and wax-buildup, Mold Cleaner 4 is non-conductive, non-abrasive, safe for use on food packaging machinery, and ideal for delicate, mirror finish molds.

The colorless solution contains no chlorinated solvents and is NSF-certified. Mold Cleaner 4 is available in easy-to-use aerosol cans, refillable cylinders, as well as 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 55-gallon bulk containers.

Rust Preventive for Pristine Mirror Molds

After thoroughly cleaning the mold, injection molders should immediately apply a rust preventive to maintain the quality of the mirror finish.

A short-term rust preventive solution is ideal for an active mirror finish mold you plan on using within a day or so. The product will displace moisture, neutralize acids and protect the mold from corrosion. When choosing a product, make sure that – like a cleaner – it quickly evaporates or “flashes off” when the mold is put back into production.

Touch-free mold cleaning and touch-free rust prevention; that is the difference that Slide offers.

Expert Advice for Maintaining Mirror Finish Molds

Have a question? Slide factory experts are ready to help. If you’re unsure of the right product to use to maintain your molds, get in touch with a member of our team or request a free sample to test our products firsthand.

Our factory experts are industry veterans that can help with problem-solving, optimizing cycle times, maximizing mold performance, and more.


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