May 21st, 2024

In various industries, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the optimal performance of equipment is crucial for productivity and product quality. With these goals in mind, Slide’s IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Mold Cleaner (No. 472) was created. Comprised of 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, this non-corrosive, fast-evaporating solution leaves no residue and requires no wiping after use. Its effectiveness in removing silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up makes it an essential asset across multiple applications.


  • Surface Preparation: Whether you are using VHB tape or any other adhesive, the success of the bonding process heavily relies on the cleanliness of the surface. Contaminants like dust, grease or silicone can significantly reduce bonding strength. IPA mold cleaners effectively remove these residues, ensuring a stronger hold.
  • Manufacturing: In industries such as automotive, electronics and aerospace, where adhesives and affixing agents play a critical role, using an IPA mold cleaner can prevent grip failures and improve the durability of the products. A common example is when applying door panels on the sides of cars and trailers.
  • Injection Molding: For manufacturers using injection molding, keeping molds spotless is critical to producing high-quality parts. Residual build-up from previous production runs can affect the mold’s performance and the outcome of the final piece. IPA mold cleaners powerfully eradicate filtrates without corroding the mold, therefore extending its lifespan.
  • Precision Parts: Regular use of IPA mold cleaners helps maintain the consistency and precision of molded components, which is crucial in industries where exact specifications are required. This is especially important in the medical field as accuracy is vital to ensure that end results are safe and able to be utilized properly.
  • Electronics: IPA mold cleaners are widely employed in the electronics industry for washing circuit boards and other sensitive elements. Fast evaporation rate ensures that there is no moisture left that could damage electronic parts, thus acting as a great alternative to other cleaners.
  • Machinery and Tools: In workshops and factories, keeping machinery and tools free from grease and oil build-up is necessary for proper functioning. IPA mold cleaners provide a quick and key solution for maintaining equipment and decreasing the need for repairs.
IPA Isopropyl Mold Cleaner (No. 472) 


  • Efficiency: The fast-evaporating nature of the formulation means that cleaning procedures are quick, allowing production to resume almost immediately. This can significantly cut downtime in manufacturing operations.
  • Streamlined Processes: With no wiping necessary after application, the cleaning process is simplified, further speeding up maintenance routines and improving overall productivity.
  • User-Friendly: Slide’s IPA mold cleaner comes in a California VOC compliant aerosol, making it straightforward to apply. Its non-corrosive properties warrant that it is nontoxic for various surfaces and materials.
  • Minimal Training: Due to its ease of application and effective results, workers require minimal training to use these products capably, therefore eliminating the necessity for lengthy training programs.
  • Safety: Transporting hazardous materials poses significant risks and regulatory responsibilities. IPA mold cleaners, with their non-corrosive and relatively safer profile, minimize the demand for special handling and transportation precautions associated with more dangerous chemicals.
  • Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for hazmat transportation, businesses can save on costs associated with compliance, insurance and potential liabilities. This can be a substantial financial benefit, especially for companies dealing with large volumes of cleaning agents.

Slide IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Mold Cleaner is a versatile and highly operative cleaning formula offering numerous advantages across various applications. The capability to quickly and thoroughly remove impurities like silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up makes it imperative in industries relying on adhesives, molding processes and precision equipment maintenance. This popular compound not only enhances operational modes but also contributes to safer and more cost-effective business practices.

Whether preparing surfaces for bonding, cleaning molds or maintaining equipment, Slide’s IPA mold cleaner proves to be indispensable in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and performance. Learn more about how our product can optimize your operations.


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