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Purging Compounds from Slide Products Stop Specks & Streaking

If you are taking time to only running pounds of resin through the mold until it comes out clear, the right purging compound will turn much of that time back into production. The volume and time it takes to clear a mold with resin quickly adds up to lost productivity. Slide’s purging compounds speed up resin-to-resin and color-to-color changes, maximizing your productivity and decreasing the costs. Read More...

There are typically two (2) types of purging compounds:

1) Mechanical
2) Chemical

A mechanical purging compound is effective for numerous applications. As the name suggests, mechanical purging relies on shear force and the differences in viscosity to clean molds. There is no chemical reaction and no soak time needed to purge the molding machine.

A mechanical purge may not be effective in sections of the barrel, screw, or manifolds where there is low pressure. In such cases, a chemical purge is the best choice for cleaning. Instead of shear force, a chemical reaction takes place when the purge contacts the resin or carbon. Some chemical purging agents require no soak time while others require up to 30 minutes; this soak time depends on several factors, such as the resin, size of barrel and screw, manifold size, etc.

Our experts can help you
Choosing the right purging compound for your applications requires a little research and testing. Slide offers both mechanical and chemical purges, as well as a unique liquid purging compound with advantages of both mechanical and chemical purges.

It is usually best to start by contacting an expert, such as Slide Products. One way to begin is to use our online calculator to help you calculate the true cost of your current purging procedure. With multiple purge compounds and years of experience tackling tough purging applications, Slide’s team can help you find the right product for your purging problem and help you start re-capturing purge time and turn it back into time spent molding. You can contact us here, or use the online scheduler to set up a free purging consultation.


Slide Products offers trial quantities for testing a purge and often will send a technician to help processors fine tune your purging process and trim even more time off the purge cycle.

A few of Slide’s best-selling purging compounds include:

  • Econo-Purge Purging Compound: A mechanical, low-odor, and GRAS rated compound excellent for use through hot runner systems and safe to purge through the mold. This powerful purging compound helps to remove old resin and color residue in extrusion, injection, and blow molding operations.
  • KLENZ Purging Compound: A chemical and mechanical combination polyolefin resin carrier safe for high-temperature molds exceeding 330°F. This chemically reactive compound is safe to purge through the mold and helps to eliminate color streaking and black specks.
  • PDQ Liquid Purging Compound: A highly effective mechanical/chemical hybrid, this is a concentrated liquid purging compound that can be mixed with any carrier resin to remove residue.

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Econo-Purge Purging Compound (No. 473)

Excellent purge for use through hot runner systems

Safe to purge through the mold

Helps eliminate color streaking and black specs

KLENZ Purging Compound (No. 468)

Excellent for use through hot runner systems

Safe to purge through the mold

GRAS rated (food-grade) active ingredients safe for food packaging applications

Purge-Atory Purging Compound (No. 470)

Recommended for use with gas emitting resins such as Delrin® and acetal

Safe to purge through the mold

Helps eliminate color streaking and black specs

NPT: NuPurge Technology Purging Compound (No. 451)

Complete purging through reactive chemistry

No need for multiple purging products

Temp range: 160° - 600°F/71°C - 315°C

Not for use with acetal or Delrin®

PDQ Liquid Purging Compound (No. 43432)

Concentrated liquid purging compound

Water-based additive (use with barrel temperature above 212'F)

Can be mixed with any carrier resin

Hi-Temp Purge Compound (No. 478)

Aids with purging engineering-grade resins

Stable at temps up to 750ºF/395ºC

Safely cleans screws and barrels

Virtually no odor or smoke

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