Slide Refillable Cylinder Program

In most instances, Slide Products is able to refill the Giant Aerosol Cylinder units that we offer many Slide formulations in. By refilling the empty cylinders we are able to help you reduce your hazmat waste stream, saving money in reduced disposal costs and lowering your waste footprint. Below are details of this program.

  • After the initial purchase of a Slide cylinder item, that empty cylinder may be returned to Slide for refilling with the same aerosol formulation. Freight costs for shipping the empty unit back to Slide Products are the responsibility of the customer. Slide can assist with helping you prepare the shipment for proper and legal transport back to our facility. Please contact for details and assistance. After the initial purchase, the customer owns the cylinder unit.
  • After the empty cylinder units are returned to Slide Products, our production staff will examine the units to ensure that they are in good condition and safe for refilling. We will capture and properly dispose of any remnant materials still inside the cylinder unit. We can then refill the cylinder and return it to you for use. Once received back at Slide, It generally takes 3-5 business days for Slide to process and ready the refilled cylinders for a return shipment.
  • If a returned cylinder is deemed to have been damaged or is no longer in condition that will allow it to be safely refilled, we will notify you of this decision and dispose of the empty unit. Cylinders can generally be filled no more than 5 times before wear and tear makes them unusable. Slide recommends that a cylinder be filled only 5 times before it is disposed of and replaced with a new unit. If a customer insists on using a cylinder beyond the recommended 5 fill limit, Slide Products will not be responsible for replacing or any warranty claims on that unit.
  • Our production staff will try to salvage all units before notifying you that it can no longer be used. Most damaged cylinders are the result of cross threading, dropped units, or overtightening of the flow valve
  • When a cylinder is returned to Slide for refilling, we will invoice the refilled unit at the current published price minus $20.

Based on our experience, this refillable cylinder program works best when the customer has a minimum of 18 cylinder units in the rotation. This way a skid of 9 can be returned to Slide for refilling while the other 9 are being used at the customer’s facilities.

Photo of pallets

We request that you notify Slide Products in advance of returning an empty cylinder unit to Slide so that we can provide you with an internal tracking number to accompany the returned cylinder units. We will use that number to track these incoming shipments to ensure that we refill and return them to the correct customer.

If you have any additional questions about this program, please contact a Slide customer service rep at or call our office at 800-323-6433.


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