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Staying vigilant against rust is more than a precaution in the molding industry. It’s a make or break line of defense against a threat that can put a $50,000 mold or die out of commission. It’s a problem that can start so small that it is easy to overlook. But with diligent practices and proper application of the right products, you can stay ahead of it. Read More...

Where Rust Begins
Rust takes advantage of small opportunities to create big problems. Even the acid left behind by a fingerprint can be an invitation to rust. Vapor residue or moisture trapped inside a stored mold can lead to rust, even during short periods of inactivity. That’s why it’s so important to establish the right processes and use the right products for the job.

Finding the Right Rust Preventive
Rust prevention products are not a one-size-fits-all solution. A variety of formulations and application options are needed for best results. The right protection depends on many factors, including whether you are protecting your molds overnight, during brief shutdowns or during long-term storage.

Slide's anti-rust, oil-based aerosols and liquid compounds are available in formulations for food-grade and NSF-certified medical mold applications. Other rust preventives include products with indicator dyes that show where the product has been applied and where your steel mold remains unprotected. Dry formulations are designed to prevent bleed-out or part marking.

For short-term protection, rust prevention spray is applied to the mold cavity, plates and mold base as the mold is cooling. This helps prevent condensation that can lead to oxidation and rust. This is a “dirty” step – a hot mold can cause the oils in a rust preventive to liquefy and run – but still provides an important layer of protection until the mold is cool enough take to the tool room to break it down.

In the tool room, a solvent-based mold cleaner and/or mold polish should be used to remove contaminants that may have built up on the mold unit during the production run.

For longer term rust prevention, use a product rated for the length of time the mold will be in storage. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) designates a long-term rust preventive as being effective for up to five years of indoor storage.


If you’ve been running PVC or any other gas-emitting resin, use a rust prevention product with added protection against oxidation caused by acidic vapors released by these resins and reapply every 30 days to ensure that any acids present continue to be neutralized.

Slide best-selling rust prevention products include:

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Mold Shield Rust Preventive Spray (No. 42910P)

Unique "dry" formula

2-year protection

Will not bleed out and mark parts

No-Rust Rust Preventive Spray (No. 40212M)

5 year protection

Displaces moisture while sealing mold from outside condensation

Non-silicone, non-wax formulation

Quick RP Rust Preventive with Red Indicator Dye (No. 42810RP)

Red tracing dye helps ensure complete coverage

2-year protection

Will not bleed out and mark parts

Acid Vapor Neutralizer Rust Preventive (No. 44011P)

Protects a mold when molding PVC and flame-retardant resins

Provides dual protection against moisture and hydrochloric acids

White Rhino Rust Preventive (No. 46710P)

Ideal for mold assemblies used to produce food packaging

NSF category H1

2-year protection

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