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Mold Release Agents & Sprays from Slide Products

The right mold release agent increases production capability and extends the life of your molds, with shortened cycle times that go straight to your bottom line. Material and application-specific formulations that prevent sticking and enable the speedy release of defect-free parts to drive greater productivity for injection or blow molding. Read More...

When properly applied to the mold surface, Slide’s aerosol spray mold release agents easily release a variety of plastic resins across many applications, including food and medical. The epoxy release agent creates a barrier between the mold and the resin, preventing the two from sticking together and potentially ruining the mold.

How Mold Releases Increase Your Productivity
Silicone mold release agents have been a staple in the molding industry for over 60 years. With improved technology and mold design, sticky parts are no longer the status quo in an industry that has undergone significant evolution, but mold release agents still play a key role in improving cycle times, speeding the ejection of sticky parts and maximizing the life of your molds.

Further into their life cycle, molds can develop issues that don’t affect the part finish or quality but that slow the ejection process and lengthen cycle times. A mold release spray may help extend the life of your mold before it requires significant maintenance or repairs.


Finding the Right Mold Release
Slide mold release agents are available as aerosol sprays and bulk liquids, in a variety of formulations for engineered resins, thermosets, epoxies, and deep draw molding. From light duty to heavy duty, food-grade and NSF-certified, medical part molding, paintable, non-silicone, specialty releases and mold releases for investment wax castings, Slide’s array of high-quality formulations ensures the best results for every application.

Slide best-selling mold release products include:

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EconoMIST Mold Release Spray (No. 41612N)

NSF category M1

Recognized by UL

Light-duty silicone release

Paintable Mold Release Agent (No. 40012N)

Recognized by UL

Allows molded parts to be painted or decorated post-molding

Light-duty mold release

Pure Eze Mold Release Agent (No. 45712N)

Food-grade active ingredient

Neutral white oil-based release, does not contain lecithin

Recognized by UL

Knock Out Mold Release Agent (No. 46612N)



Food-grade active ingredient

Econo-Spray® 1 Mold Release Spray (No. 40510P)

Food-grade for indirect food contact

Non-paintable silicone

Recognized by UL

Econo-Spray® 2 Mold Release Spray (No. 40710P)


Permits post-decorating of molded parts without prior cleaning

Econo-Spray® 3 Mold Release Spray (No. 40810P)

Non-silicone and paintable

Food-grade active Ingredient

Urethane Mold Release Agent (No. 45812H)

Non-paintable silicone mold release

Effective for all polyurethanes: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible urethane foams

Silicone Mold Release Agent (No. 40112)

Food-grade for indirect food contact

Recommended for food-packaging molding

Recognized by UL

DFL Dry Film Lube Mold Release Agent (No. 41112N)

Formulated for deep draw molds

Excellent for most rubber & thermoplastics including ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and vinyl

SSL Mold Release Agent (No. 42112N)

NSF category M1

Recognized by UL

Low-cost heavy-duty mold release

Zinc Stearate Mold Release Agent (No. 41012N)

Non-silicone, paintable mold release

Mold release powder

Use it for polycarbonate, polypropylene, polysulfone and rubber molding

Epoxease Mold Release Agent (No. 40614)

Non-silicone, synthetic wax-based product

For epoxy, polyester and phenolic resins

For injection molding, encapsulating, potting

Heavy-Duty 10% Mold Release Agent (No. 54912)

Paintable, non-silicone

Food-grade active ingredient

Slide's heaviest-duty mold release

Quick Silicone Mold Release Agent (No. 44612)

Recognized by UL

Food-grade for indirect food contact

Fast-drying on cold and hot molds

Quick Paintable Mold Release Agent (No. 44712)

Paintable mold release

Fast-drying on cold and hot molds

Quick Lecithin Mold Release Agent (No. 44812)

Paintable, non-silicone mold release

Food-grade active ingredient

Fast-drying on cold and hot molds

Polycarbonate Mold Release Agent (No. 41412)

Paintable release

Specifically developed as a release for polycarbonate resin

Recognized by UL

Universal Mold Release Agent (No. 42612)

Non-silicone, paintable mold release

Food-grade active Ingredient

Recognized by UL

E/S Silicone Mold Release Agent (No. 44312)

Approved for indirect food contact

Water-based formulation

Thermoset Mold Release Agent (No. 45414)

Made with synthetic carnauba wax

Contains no silicones or oils

Recommended for thermoset plastic resins

Hi-Temp 1800 Mold Release Agent (No. 44110A)

Contains boron nitride

Effective release for engineering grade resins, low melting point metals and glass

Recommended for use with Ultem and other engineering-grade resins

Water Soluble Mold Release Agent (No. 41212N)

Simply wash parts in water to clean

Offers anti-static properties to the molded part

Paintable, non-silicone mold release

DuraKote Mold Release Agent for Thermosets

Semi-permanent release for urethane & epoxy molding

Can be baked or air dried onto the mold surface

Paintable when baked on

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