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A mold cleaner for foodies

Mold Cleaner for Food Applications NSF Mold Cleaner

Are you a processor of products used for food applications? There is now a mold cleaner you know you can use within your processing environment.

Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 is now registered NFS P1 for use on mold equipment for plastic parts.

For those unfamiliar with registration process that replaced USDA, the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements including FDA 21 CFR for appropriate use, ingredient and labeling review.

Processors who manufacture products that will be used for food applications need to be sensitive to products used within their facility and select releases, cleaners, rust preventives and more that help them ensure they comply with stricter standards. Now NSF has made it easier to find a mold cleaner and degreaser that meets those needs.

For more information on NSF International / Nonfood Compounds Registration Program, you can go here.

You can review Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 from Slide here.

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