Environmental Commitment & Action

Slide understands that the plastics industry has a huge impact on the environment; it’s no secret that our ocean floors and landfills are polluted, with plastic being the #1 culprit. There is also no hiding the fact that plastics are an integral part of modern life and a necessary element of any plan to reduce and reverse negative human effects on the environment. While reducing use whenever possible is a great start, we also realize that plastic is a mainstream synthetic material needed across many vital industries including the medical and automotive segments. At the end of the day, we need plastics, but what we don’t need is plastics waste.

Slide Sticks to It

While individual efforts are important to achieve collective change, we are aware that it is our responsibility as an organization to work sustainability into our design, formulations, and processes. We stick to our core values by dedicating time, research and resources to a variety of efforts with measurable results.

Green Design

  • Our SHARP program allows us to facilitate the proper disposal of aerosol cans in order to keep chemicals out of the waste stream.
  • Similarly, our refillable cylinder program can reduce your HAZMAT refuse, save money in disposal costs and minimize harmful environmental impact.
  • Installed in 2020, our solar array generates up to 42% of the energy we need to manufacture our products.

We are always looking for new ways to shrink our own carbon footprint. In addition to utilizing proper disposal methods and a steadfast personal approach to helping customers implement greener practices, each and every one of Slide’s products is carefully crafted with environmental consequences in mind.

The whole line is free of chlorinated solvents, including (Trichloroethylene and Methylene Chloride). Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other materials that aren’t ecologically sound or pose a health risk are kept to an absolute minimum.

Slide Aerosol Cans
One Tree Planted


We pay close attention to the science and stay engaged, searching for innovative ways we can continue protecting the planet. Our team is active when it comes to adapting – from developing tools that help customers measure their disposals to eliminating compounds that pose potential safety and environmental risks. Slide is always ready and willing to make needed changes.

We gain insight on what is learned and constantly seek to amplify our efforts, offering free samples and evaluations so we can work with our customers first hand to maximize efficiency and reduce unnecessary waste. Slide’s news/blog page is frequently updated with our findings – each month we publish multiple articles, keeping customers informed on our environmental endeavors and expert designed best practices.

One Tree Planted

We are proud of our partnership with One Tree Planted. This non-profit group is dedicated to helping the environment – restoring forests, creating biodiverse habitats and re-establishing damaged ecosystems. With every online order placed directly with Slide, we donate one tree. As we grow, our contribution grows too. Generous customers have matched our donations and hundreds of trees have been planted since January, 2022. In October 2022, combined donations surpassed 1,000 trees, qualifying Slide as a fully vested partner.

One Tree Planted Logo


Trees Planted

Since January 2022

November Certificate 130 Trees

November Certificate 130 Trees

Offsetting Carbon Footprint

Planting trees is an easy way to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As trees grow, they remove this asphyxiant from the air, storing the carbon in the tree itself and surrounding soil while releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere. It takes about 15 trees to offset the average American's daily food consumption and 730 trees to offset each person's fossil fuel usage.

Multiply those values across every American, and the math quickly becomes overwhelming for one person or even a single company to combat. Thankfully, we can all work together to make small changes in the hopes of having a positive impact within our communities and Slide is grateful to everyone that has made additional tree donations through this program. As of August 1, 2023 you have helped Slide to save 266,562 pounds of CO2 emissions from being released through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Graph of Carbon Savings

Sustainability is Productivity

At Slide, we strive to align our values with our business goals through actionable steps and active learning.

“Our company was started to solve a problem and embraces every challenge necessary to find solutions.”

— President and Sales Manager, Michael Muth

When we notice a problem or an opportunity for improvement, we don’t let it stick, we make it Slide! Less waste, shorter cycle times and specialized formulas lead to reduced emissions and a longer lifespan for your molds and machinery, not to mention a much-needed curb in landfill contributions. We seek to prove that sustainability is productivity in our industry and beyond.


Tree canopy

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