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Stricter regulations on VOC’s are coming for industry

Due to political pressure and the desire to continue seeing gains in air quality, CARB has started to shift its focus to include “industrial products” commonly used in manufacturing.
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Why ejector pins need two lubricants

There is a two-pronged solution to maximizing part quality while at the same maximizing the performance of pins. One lubricant for the back 80% of the pin. One lubricant for the forward 20% of the pin.
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Mechanical vs Chemical Purging

Savvy molders understand the cost of purging includes machine downtime. Think how much cost is involved in shutting down and purging for 30 minutes or more.
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Maintaining Molds Used In Medical Applications

Aerosol products and clean rooms don’t mix. You need smarter, effective solutions that won’t contaminate, but still maximize your productivity.
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Different strategies for challenging purges

Do you have hot runner manifolds with gates that are less than .30? Are you mold nasty, gassy resins that clog vents and refuse to get cleared from the barrel? Pick the purge that maximizes your uptime...
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3 steps to help prevent damage from PVC out-gassing

Hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids can lead to pitting, oxidation, and other problems with a mold, die or other metal machinery in the vicinity.
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When silicone release is a bad thing...

Are upstream molding procedures causing downstream QC headaches? It could be residual silicone on the parts preventing proper adhesion...
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How to protect your mold from machine to shop

You are done molding, and it is time to get the mold out of the machine and to the shop. This is one of the most vulnerable times...
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Protecting that mirror finish

There are a few levels of mirror finish on injection molds. The finest, and most labor-intensive finish to achieve looks as crisp and flawless as...
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Silicone vs non-silicone - how to choose?

Silicone-based mold releases have been a staple in the molding industry for over 60 years. Sticky parts were the status quo during the infancy of the molding industry...
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I need my white plastic parts to be pure white

A molder using lots of different colors spent 45-60 minutes purging to eliminate streaks and specks when he needed to start molding white. Here’s how he pared down purging time to just minutes....
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The importance of the Mold Layout Sheet

The IML (injection mold layout) sheet is a critical element of the information chain. In sequential order, it documents mold, part, and other performance issues that may arise during a typical production run....
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Every aerosol maker has to follow a new government flammability rule

Your aerosol hasn’t changed. The formulation is still the same. But what before was determined to be non-flammable might now be called “flammable” due to the new government math...
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Mold care for long-term storage

Is your mold out of service for more than 6 months? There are smart steps to take to ensure it is ready to mold when you are....
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Change your mind about FDA-approved

Forget FDA-approved...What you need now is NSF. NSF certifications have now replaced FDA. If you create food packaging or other products that required a designation allowing their use on or near your products, you now need to look for the right NSF designation...
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What you need to know about the label and SDS make-over

The deadline to have updated SDS and labeling is here. You should now start seeing all new labels for your aerosol products and begin gathering the latest SDS files. The deadline is approaching and you need to be in compliance.
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Do you know where that rag has been?

Best practices for mold cleaning. Bag the rag and other smart procedures for proper care and cleaning of your molds.
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How to be ready for a OSHA Inspection

OSHA compliance is something that is expected from everyone every day. Will you and your workplace be ready when the inspector comes to your door?
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Stopping Unscheduled Mold Stops

The ultimate goal of every molding company is to produce quality parts on time.
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Cost per pound vs cost per purge

How to save thousands per machine each year by resolving the disconnect between purchasing and the manufacturing floor.
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New OSHA Labels and SDS

You must have new safety data sheets and products with correct labeling. Employee training was to be completed by December 1, 2013. What do you do now?
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Switching Purge Compounds
Saves Molder $79,000 Per Year, Per Machine

Imagine cutting purging costs by $79,000 or more per year, simply by changing to a different process. That's how much a major Midwestern molder, which manufactures closures at high speeds, found they could save by switching to KLENZ purging compound from Slide Products.
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The Real Cost of Water Leaks

As most mold maintenance audits reveal, unscheduled mold downtime is most often due to an internal or external water leak.
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Wait! What's the stuff on the mold?

If you cleaned the mold and there's still resin residue, it's time to try a different cleaning technique. Here are some simple steps to help you choose and use the right mold cleaner for the right job.
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How to shorten purge times and start molding more

Completely removing the old and unwanted resin from the screw and barrel assembly means greater quality control. Doing it quickly means you are back online faster and molding more.
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Ejector Pin Lubrication Procedure

Problems such as bleed out (onto the tool surface) can cause defective plastic parts. Thermal and viscosity breakdown can cause galling, seizing, and pitting. All these issues can be resolved if a good lubricant along with the right procedure is utilized.
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Trim costs while you clean, lubricate, protect and maintain

Are you one of the many smart manufacturers striving to reduce their vendor base? Looking to include only those partners truly offering value-added solutions? One place to look is your local Slide Products distributor.
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Are you really protecting your mold from rust?

The fastest way for a molder to go broke is to use improper methods to prevent his mold or tooling from rusting.
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Aerosol vs. bulk... which is the best way to spray?

There are two general methods of packaging any chemical formulation: aerosol and bulk (liquid). While how the product works may be similar, the methods of delivery offer different advantages.
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Prepare for "The Attack of the PVCs"

Heating results in the outgassing of hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids. These acids cause varying levels of discomfort for operators and can lead to pitting, oxidation, and other problems with a mold, die or other metal machinery in the vicinity.
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Squeeze every second of production out of your mold

There's a routine you can change to help squeeze more production time out of your mold. Change your rust preventive.
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How to choose and use the right mold cleaners

Cleaning molds is a key part of running a successful injection molding operation. There are two situations when mold cleaning is required: (1) offline when the mold is on the bench and is cold [room temperature] and (2) online when the mold is warm and still in the press.
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The Slide Difference

Question: When does an aerosol product offer you and your company benefits beyond the ordinary?
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Add arms without adding bodies with the Freedom automatic spray system

Introducing a simple, labor-reducing, hands-free spraying system that minimizes downtime, reduces manufacturing costs, boosts productivity and controls consumption of processing chemicals
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Corrosion Control: Your guide to the best mold care

A study done in 2002 by CC Technologies Labs, Inc. showed U.S. Industry spent $276 billion a year in costs related to, or caused from, corrosion. In the plastic's industry, these costs are not limited to mold damage and repair.
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Case Study: 24-hour purge process slashed to just minutes

A maker of twist-off bottle caps spent 16-24 hours purging to accomplish a color change. Requiring multiple purges with a witch's brew of several different types of material, equipment was shut down for 2-3 shifts.
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